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Cell captive vs car hire administrator vs car rental company

Within the short term insurance industry there are three alternatives available when renting an insurance replacement vehicle for your client. Each facility has beneficial aspects. ...Read More

Give Your Brand More Mileage

An insurance replacement vehicle has become the norm within the short-term insurance industry. If your insured has a claim, the expectation is to provide them with a car rental. Yet how could you take advantage of this to benefit your business? ...Read More

Cell Caps For Car Rental

Over the last few years there has been a huge growth in cell caps specialising in car rental. It makes sense to strip the car rental premium from the motor premium and run it separately, which in turn creates accurate income and claims cost analysis. Outsourcing this portion of the premium to a spec ...Read More

Car rental service excellence

In any industry, service levels often dictate the level of success your business will achieve. As the world moves faster and faster and information flow increases to levels we did not believe possible, one of the key differentiating factors between companies is their level of service. ...Read More

Car rental 2010

The Soccer World Cup is a major international attraction and the number of tourists expected varies from 400 000 to 750 000. Carrental companies have not taken the expected demand and strain on their systems and fleets lightly: each has established World Cup committees to plan in detail for the expe ...Read More

Real deal car rentals

Car rental companies focus on four areas within their business models: corporate, private, international and insurance replacement rentals. Being a niche provider, Gage Car Hire operates solely in the insurance replacement market. But being in the game, I have come across some attractive options whe ...Read More

Traffic Fines - The new demerit point system

I had very little knowledge of how the new demerit point system works, so I took it upon myself to hunt down Paul Pauwen, president of the South African Vehicle and Rental Association and director of U Drive, to get more information. ...Read More

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