Real deal car rentals

Car rental companies focus on four areas within their businessmodels: corporate, private, international and insurance replacement rentals. Being a niche provider, Gage Car Hire operates solely in the insurance replacement market. But being in the game, I have come across some attractive options when renting a vehicle for vacation orfor business.

Companies which have a substantial spend on car rental usually have a contract with one of the leading car rental companies at more attractive rates due to the size and volume of their account. But for the medium-sized businesses and private rentals, here are some of the options.

Airline affiliates

Most airlines have affiliate car rental companies. Airlines have successfully reduced rates by contracting with specific car rental suppliers and are happy to pass these discounts on to theirclients. For the airline, it’s simple: a happier client, more hits on their website, and potentially more airline ticket sales. I would recommend: offers competitive pricing for air travel and has a great car rental affiliate programme. Visit

Medical aid affiliates

Some of the leading medical aids now offer added buying power and benefits for their members with a similar business model to the airlines. I would recommend: Discovery Vitality offers competitive value-added products including car rental. Visit .


Europcar, Avis and Budget Car Rental are no doubt the leaders within the car rental industry and offer an excellent fleet with low mileage, and their service offering is on par with that of First World countries.

I would recommend: Europcar has a huge footprint locally and internationally, so whether it be an overseas or local car rental, you will be assured of receiving a decent vehicle and excellent service. Visit

Web based

The Internet is becoming the main portal to arrange your travel arrangements. Internationally stats show over 70 per cent of all travel arrangements are now done on the web. And why not? You can get the most competitive pricing and can arrange your reservation instantly.

I would recommend: Play Car Rental offers a wide range of suppliers to choose from. If you are after a low cost rental with a decent supplier, it’s the way to go. They have an exceptional model in offering you access to 500 000 rental vehicles worldwide with a nil excess option, including South Africa. Visit

At the end of the day one needs to take into account vehicle age, service and cost, which are all equally important. We all have different needs, budgets and time constraints. Consider yours, and I hope the options I have given make your next car rental experience more enjoyable and hassle free.