Car rental service excellence

In any industry, service levels often dictate the level of success your business will achieve. As the world moves faster and faster and  information flow increases to levels we did not believe possible, one of the key differentiating factors between companies is their level of  service.Companies that offer poor or low levels of service often have no growth and are very staid in their ways. We have all seen them;

their demise is often premised by low levels of morale within their staffing structure which has a negative knock-on effect to customers.

Then you get your band of companies that are the same as the same as the rest of the pack. Often they become disconnected to the task at hand, and nothing more than the standard procedure or process is done. In this kind of organisation, passing the buck becomes easier than taking ownership of the problem.

So how do we get it right? Detailed below are a few driving factors which may assist you in achieving positive results.

Suppliers and network

Align yourself with service-orientated suppliers as your supply chain often has an effect on your company. Imagine placing your client with an insurer who pays one out of ten claims. Your company may offer great service, but when it comes to any claim process it will decimate your business.

Differentiating yourself from the packAssess what your competitors are doing, and do more. Keep momentum and try new ideas which can create growth. Gage Care Hire recently introduced a campaign to our clients on how

we can reduce car rental spend on their behalf. Yes, our turnover has reduced but that has already been replaced by new business with our unique offering.

Turn bad into good

It’s a great formula. Things will and do go wrong; when they do, grab the opportunity. Do everything in your power to take corrective measures; don’t leave it to your managers and staff. Every rental that does go wrong is referred to me personally. I usually blow my top but I watch every step taken thereafter tomake sure that ‘all is well that ends well’. I call renters directly, I upgrade their rental, and I do what I need to do until they are happy. You are not going to turn it around every time but the majority of the battles you will win.


Setting goals for your employees reaps financial reward and ensures that you all share in the growth. If your staff is attributing to growth and profits, why not give them a piece of the pie through an incentive programme? It motivates and drives them. In South Africa, receiving service excellence is so refreshing. The goal must be to keep driving to improve our service levels. The car rental and Insurance industry may not get it right all the time, but with a constant drive and focus the results will be seen.