Give Your Brand More Mileage

An insurance replacement vehicle has become the norm within the short-term insurance industry. If your insured has a claim, the expectation is to provide them with a car rental. Yet how could you take advantage of this to benefit your business?

Wrapped or branded vehicles, be they subtle or bold, have entered the South African market. A fleet branded on your behalf can ensure that when your client rents a vehicle, they will be promoting your business while driving countrywide. An
alternative would be to ‘white label’ your car rental offering; and telephone calls and arrangement of rentals can be done with a focus on building an awareness of your company. We have unique offerings – via our cell cap business Royal Administrators – to boost brand awareness for our administrators and insurers. We offer a wide range of options and alternatives in this regard –  each customised to suit specific clients’ needs. 

Branded vehicles

For specific clients, you could have branded vehicles that are utilised by the insured in the event of an accident or theft. The advertising benefit achieved from this is phenomenal: numerous cars on the road could be pushing your brand every day.  Financially, the advertising spend comes at a zero cost as the cars would be rented anyway.

Branded website and booking software

In effect, the product is labelled with your company name which creates a front end offering of car rental by your company. With today’s search engine optimisations it is vital that your brand gets as much online exposure as possible. When clients log onto the site or your claims technician arranges a rental, they would see your brand, but with our engine managing the entire process in the background.

Customised call answering and complete solution

All calls, reservations and liaison relating to the rental process are administered with your company name in mind, creating brand awareness to the insured through the entire process of the rental. Some clients prefer just an element of one of the above,  others prefer going for maximum exposure. It’s an innovative way of getting your company name on the road, building your brand from strength to strength.